Our Vision

Know our perspectives

By providing an inspirational environment and planning for individual development of our colleagues, we are working to reach the goal of creating the first virtual bank by attending all areas of finance, providing multi-bank services and developing corporate income sources. This goal is to empower all and the teams to provide the best outlet and improve management infrastructure.

Inspirational workspace

The work atmosphere of eFarda plays an important role in achieving success through effective communication.

effective communication

With effective communication, we will identify the need and work and provide a suitable solution for that.


Career Opportunities

All smart and expert people are invited

To succeed, we need colleagues who enjoy working and see work as a vehicle for success and individual development. If you think like us, we can reach these goals in the inspirational and different workplace of tomorrow and together.


Innovative Solutions

Providing distinct and innovative services in the banking and electronic field

Partner Companies

Open Innovation

Finnova and Finnotech are the executive arm of eFarda with the development of innovation and entrepreneurship.

With its management and planning in the work group and accelerator space, Finnova provides groundwork for collaborating with small, agile, and innovative businesses, and Finnotech, as the first platform for open innovation, puts the tools needed to innovate in these businesses.


Finnova is the place where startups, consultants, major corporations, and investors come together to collaborate and participate in this ecosystem, providing a good place to grow startup businesses.


Today, Finnotech vision of "open bank" has changed to "open innovation" and is separate from banking services in other areas such as bourse, insurance, telecom and so on, and it is the task of empowering the main players in these areas.